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Discussion in 'Team Recruitment' started by OneShot, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. OneShot

    OneShot Novice Player

    Hello my fellow Minestrike players, Evolved is a highly Competitive Minestrike team which is apart of the MCL league associated with the minecraft server Mineplex. Evolved was created by myself and my good friend Brady (canadiansea) on July 22nd 2015, it has been a team for a little over 2 years now. Throughout the 2 years we've been striving to be one of the top teams in the league. Last year we made our way up to tier 1 and were constantly dominating in the Competitive Minestrike scene. We are looking for fresh new skilled players who are willing to help us work up back to where we once were, ranked as a tier 1 team. If you're interested in applying please fill out an application using the format below. You will be given an answer shortly after you've applied.


    OneShot_ Rifler
    RexSteelx Rifler
    Sw1ck AWP/IGL
    Skydoger AWP
    _Simul Support
    Alexiander01 Rifler
    Madhttr Support
    ZitheriN AWP
    clearrr Support
    GetFlankedM9 Support
    dehfi AWP


    - Must be able to use a mic
    - Must have Discord
    - No use of any cheats are allowed
    - Needs 1k or more wins in Minestrike
    - Needs atleast a KDR of 1.5

    - Must be mature and kind to his/her teammates


    IGN :
    Age :
    Discord Tag :
    Timezone :
    Wins | Losses (screenshot) :
    Kills | Deaths (screenshot) :
    Role :
    Past Teams (if any) :

    Players you know on Evolved :
    Can you use a MIC :
    About yourself :
    Why you would like to join :


    Once you have applied, you will either receive a reply from Sw1ck or myself. We will mark your application as Pending, and you will be messaged on discord with some information regarding your trial. If needed you can reach me either on here or on discord, my discord tag is One$hot #8632.

    Thank you to all the applicants, and Good Luck.

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  2. Sw1ck

    Sw1ck League Manager

    Good luck to all the applicants and I hope we see you on Evolved!
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  3. littlecman22

    littlecman22 Novice Player

    IGN: Littlecman22
    DISCORD TAG: Nick.Cman#6587
    ROLE: Support/Awper
    PAST TEAMS: Ascension, Descension, KillStealerZ, and Helix (I trialed for Evo. Once)
    PLAYERS I KNOW: Sw1ck, OneShot, Blang, Skydoger, Sadokist, Bio, Nerdy, GetFlankedM9
    MIC: Yes
    ABOUT MYSELF: I am a outgoing person and have been playing MS for awhile. I would like another chance to join Evo and show that I have improved and improve even more with some of the best Minestrike players. Since school started, I can only play on weekends and on breaks. :) 2017-08-30_21.26.57.png
  4. OneShot

    OneShot Novice Player

    Hey cman, thank you for applying! After much consideration you're app is now Pending, you will be pm'd on discord shortly.
  5. Chuixin

    Chuixin Novice Player

    IGN : ChiefAbooda
    Age : 15
    Discord Tag : ChiefAbooda#0018
    Timezone : CST
    Wins | Losses (screenshot) : [​IMG]
    Kills | Deaths (screenshot) :

    Role : Rifler/Entry Fragger
    Past Teams (if any) : Rift, Oblivion, Flash and Bang, Nameless, KsZ, SPC, Blitzkrieg (Owned it w/ Frawst), Riptide, and Caliber.
    Players you know on Evolved : OneShot, Sw1ck, Skydoger, _Simul, dehfi (I do not know them personally).
    Can you use a MIC : Yes.
    About yourself : I'm a very enthusiastic and a bright young individual. I feel I'm optimistic and caring. My name literally means "to be good to people" and I strive to live up to my name.
    Why you would like to join : I'd like to have a wonderful time making new friends and playing the game I've loved for 6 years now on a new level.
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  6. Nathan Launchbury

    Nathan Launchbury Novice Player

    IGN : Frawst
    Age : 17
    Discord Tag : Frawst#8591
    Timezone : Est
    Wins | Losses (screenshot) :
    Kills | Deaths (screenshot) :
    Role : Awp Lurker
    Past Teams (if any) : Oblivion, Blitzkrieg(owner), Nameless, SPC, Spark, KSZ, MRD(Leader), Riptide, Caliber
    Players you know on Evolved : Oneshot, Skydoger, Dehfi, Swick, Simul
    Can you use a MIC : Yes
    About yourself : I am funny and very optimistic, you will never see me depressed a day in your life. I love to hang with anyone. I eat everything and will probably be eating when we first talk(I'm not fat tho).
    Why you would like to join : Because i was invited to join i felt i would give it a go.(edited)
  7. endcredit

    endcredit Novice Player

    IGN : Ncth
    Age : 15
    Discord Tag : end #5883
    Timezone : pst!
    Wins | Losses - Kills |Deaths (screenshot) : [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Role : awper
    Past Teams (if any) : spectrum, wp, synergy, alitra, mercury
    Players you know on Evolved : i’ve pretty much seen all of them, but not personally.
    Can you use a MIC : yes.
    About yourself : i’ve been in the mscl for around half an year now, but in that short amount of time I have become very experienced within the community. I'm also very friendly and I like to be on good terms with everyone I meet.
    Why you would like to join : i’ve been grinding in the t4 scene for a long time, and evo seems like an amazing team for me to step up and improve my skills at minestrike.
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  8. OneShot

    OneShot Novice Player

    Thank you guys for applying! Your applications are now marked as Pending. You will be contacted on Discord shortly! :)
  9. Mustard I Mienpelx

    Mustard I Mienpelx Novice Player

    IGN : Mienpelx
    Age : 15
    Discord Tag : xxMustardMustXx#8796
    Timezone : Eastern (EST)
    Wins[​IMG]| Losses (screenshot) : Below
    Kills | Deaths (screenshot) : Below
    Role : Hybrid/AWPer
    Past Teams (if any) : Zero, wp, celestial, mercury, spectrum
    Players you know on Evolved : I've seen all of them, but aren't close friends with any.
    Can you use a MIC : Yes
    About yourself : I've been playing ms for about a year now, and been in the mscl for about 8 months. I tend to tryhard most scrims. Good at calling out.
    Why you would like to join : Looks like EVO's revamping, and I'd love to be part of a higher tier team that versus better teams. I've been in t4 for a while now and evo seems like a great team that I can apply for and step up to higher tier gameplay.

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  10. Kalen

    Kalen Novice Player

    IGN : KeemStarFish
    Age : 14
    Discord Tag : StarFish#1116
    Timezone : Central Standard Time
    Wins | Losses (screenshot) :
    Kills | Deaths (screenshot) :
    Role :
    Awper (Depending on the map, I can also entry with awp)
    Past Teams (if any) : Fusion, Charisma, Blizzard, Alitra, Spectrum, and Riptide(for MS tourney only)
    Players you know on Evolved : ChiefAbooda, Frawst, Clear, and Skydoger (also Bio, but idk if he's on evo anymore)
    Can you use a MIC : Yes
    About yourself :
    I'm generally a disliked person in the MSCL except for the people I've been on teams with. It has given me a bad reputation, but I don't have the personality that the league perceives I have. I'm decent with strategies. I typically don't IGL, but I can pitch in with play ideas if needed. Right now I'm currently looking for a family team and I think Evo would be a great team for that.
    Why you would like to join :
    Evolved has always been a high tier team that I've been interested in joining. I've had friends play on Evo and also have friends in Evo currently. I've always been tier 4 and I think it'd be a good challenge for me to play for a good team. Evolved introduced me into the league when I had started my own team SFC. It would be amazing to play for the team that brought me into the MSCL. Evo has been around for a long time, so I think it's a suitable team to join, considering that a lot of minestrike teams have been disbanding recently. I believe that if I joined Evolved, it'd be a benefit to both me as a player and Evolved as a team.

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  11. Xacinto

    Xacinto Novice Player

    IGN:Xacinto Age:12 Dicordtag:Tyranus#2268 Timezone:EST Role:Awper Past Teams: Mercury Celastial Alitra Anarchy PLayers I know:ZitheriN About yourself: I'm pretty know a lot of teams know who i am idk if they like me or not I'm looking for a nice friendly team. Why you would like to join: Evolved has been higher then me my whole mscl life and i feel like im a decent play that can get to the top and its a suitable team that its very unlikely to disband
    Stats: i know i dont have the enough wins but just cause i dont try in pubs or dont play so much pubs doesnt mean im suitbale for the team.

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