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BCL Paradox BCL Recruitment

Discussion in 'Team Recruitment' started by Aflo, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. flynnhb23

    flynnhb23 Novice Player

    IGN: flynnhb23
    Age: 12
    Timezone: Australia/melbourne
    Previous Clans: none
    Primary Kit: beserker
    Secondary Kit: brawler
  2. Aflo

    Aflo League Referee

  3. Vitehmins

    Vitehmins Novice Player

    IGN: Vitehmins
    Age: 12
    Timezone: EST
    Previous Clans: Nike, vibe, rolex, Merciless, Dawn, Oblivion. (more clans but I don't remember)
    Primary Kit: Beserker
    Secondary Kit (If flex then type flex): Flex
  4. Predatism

    Predatism Novice Player

    IGN: Predatism
    Age: 15 (turning 16)
    Timezone: PST
    Previous Clans: Faded
    Primary Kit: Miner
    Secondary Kits: Brawler, Apple, Archer
  5. Aflo

    Aflo League Referee

  6. Aflo

    Aflo League Referee

  7. Paradox

    Paradox Novice Player

    IGN: ParadoxBCL
    Discord: Paradox#8533
    Timezone: CST
    Previous Clans: None ;)
    Primary Kit: Miner
    Secondary Kit: Zerk & Brawler
    (archer flex)
    There's confusion! People think I'm already apart of Paradox. I'm not.. yet :)
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2017
  8. Paradox

    Paradox Novice Player

    @Aflo Can I expect a response soon?
  9. Aflo

    Aflo League Referee

    Looking for a few cas players. Cas players only play casual scrims and get no comp time unless we decide to give them it. You must be teamless. No activity requirements.
  10. Stealthops19

    Stealthops19 Novice Player

    IGN: Stealthops19
    Age: 15
    Timezone: Central Standard Time ( CST )
    Previous Clans: This is my first clan that I am wanting to join
    Primary Kit: Destructor
    Secondary Kit (If flex then type flex): every other kit *I don't know what flex means*

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