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MSCL Mc_Neshie , Inv

Discussion in 'Free Agent Profiles' started by Neshie, Mar 12, 2018 at 7:16 PM.

  1. Neshie

    Neshie Novice Player

    IGN - MC_Neshie

    EU or US: US

    Why do you want to join Invasion? -

    There are three reasons why i'm interested in joining Invasion. The first reason is there's a mix of both CVC/MS players that I lookup to. With the connection of several of these members, I can easily get along with the team. Secondly I have decent ping in EU, although i'm a US player. Thirdly I just wanna gain knowledge, and experience in playing minestrike competitively. Also i'm decent with communication.

    Previous Teams? -

    - Cwt (CvC team that's been around for only a month)
    - Enl ( Was only a trial there for only three weeks)

    Age? - 21

    Timezone? - (UTC -5:00) = United State , EST

    Favorite Weapons - Nova / Ak47

    Mic - Yes

    How did you find Invasion? - On the MSCL team roster when I got curious one day meeting old members such as ruud and a few others i've seen in pubs. I also found Invasion with a few connections.
  2. Invasion

    Invasion Novice Player

    Please contact me on Discord: Jon#8316

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