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Discussion in 'Team Recruitment' started by Mario, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Mario

    Mario Novice Player

    ~ Chaos Recruitment ~

    Chaos is looking for members! Chaos is a relatively new team and is looking to perform well in the bcl. We are looking for all kits. If you are interested please PM me Kay#2275 or
    ~ Application Format ~

    Discord tag:
    Kit(s) you can play:
    Previous team(s):​
  2. Taco

    Taco Novice Player

    IGN: xXx_Crafter_xXx
    Discord Tag - @Taco
    Kits- I main Fighter and my secondary is magma cube
    EU/US: China
    Timezone: California
    Age: 22
    Previous Teams: Dusk, NoHealing, Hyper, WithersUnited and Dawn
  3. Popcorn

    Popcorn Novice Player

    IGN: PopcornPlaysMC
    Discord tag: Pople420#5207
    Kit(s) you can play: Beserker, Miner
    EU/US: California
    Timezone: Pacific Time zone
    Previous team(s): No other teams! First time!
  4. Fhault

    Fhault Novice Player

    IGN: Fhault
    Discord tag:

    Kit(s) you can play: Zek,bomber
    EU/US: Ontario
    Timezone: eastern standern
    Age: 14
    Previous team(s): mystic flame
  5. Stealthops19

    Stealthops19 Novice Player

    IGN: Stealthops19
    Discord tag: Stealthops19 #2571
    Kit(s) you can play: Destructor , Beserker , Archer , and brawler
    EU/US: Merica
    Timezone: CST
    Age: 15
    Previous team(s): First time!

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